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Pasqua Kinder

Pasqua Kinder

Pasqua Kinder Official – customize and race or fly!
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Pasqua Kinder Description

Pasqua Kinder Official – customize and race or fly!

Bring your kids’ favorite WINX CLUB fairies and Hot Wheels™ cars to life in this fun, kid-friendly game!

Have your kids accept the challenge of beating records in an endless racing game with their Hot Wheels car or dress up their WINX CLUB character and take pictures with her in augmented reality.

This app contains two game experiences for children to enjoy, whether they prefer playing around with cars and racing, or dressing up their fairy and flying through space to save the stars.

The simple interface combined with a fun gameplay makes this app appealing for kids of a wide age range.

Game features:
- Kids can play with characters from Hot Wheels or WINX CLUB
- They can see the car/fairy come to life in augmented reality and take pictures
- They can customize their car/fairy to their liking
- With their customized car, they can race through the endless desert, while avoiding obstacles and collecting as many points as possible within the limited time.
- Control the car with easy swiping or touching motions
- They can fly with their WINX CLUB fairy through the endless universe and collect stars while escaping from the evil enemies!
- Control the fairy with easy swiping or touching motions

Pasqua Kinder is completely FREE! There are no ads, no subscription or registration required and no in-app purchases. The application does not include any reference to Kinder eggs/chocolate products.
USE THE APP OFFLINE - the content is also available without an internet connection.

Pasqua Kinder is compatible with Android 4.4 ‘Kit Kat’ or higher

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