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Schrodinger's Quantum Chess

Schrodinger's Quantum Chess

Chess with Quantum Physics Superposition concept.
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Schrodinger's Quantum Chess Description

Wishing for a new challenge and to take chess to the next level, we integrated a concept from physics info the old classic chess game.

This chess variant is based on the concept of superposition. A piece can be in one place, two, or several, with a probability to be in each place. Once an observation is made (two pieces of different players are in a potential conflict), the existence of the pieces in that cell is revealed.

Apart from the normal chess moves, a piece has the ability to double move with a 50% chance of success. This creates new strategies and opens the door to a more complex gameplay, as now chance is a factor to take into account.


# single game of player vs player on same device (play against a friend on your device)
# single games against an AI.
# a quest of 250+ challenges (game situations) to play against the AI.

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