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Twiq - Anonymous Chat

Twiq - Anonymous Chat

Anonymous vicinity, live & code private chats with new people. No login needed.
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Twiq - Anonymous Chat Description

Twiq is the ultimate anonymous chat app. Explore other users via the vicinity list, via Twiq-Live or via Twiq Code. Send chat requests and write in private chat.

• Vicinity list
- Chat with active users from your vicinity.
- Filter users by age and gender.

• Twiq-Live
- Discover users who are currently online on Twiq.
- Choose the age and gender of other users.

• Twiq Code
- Enter Twiq Codes of your friends to start a chat with them.
- Create your own Twiq Codes.
- If your friends enter your Twiq Code, they can chat with you and you will see which code was used to start the chat.

• Private Chat
- Send messages and photos in the private chat.
- Photos are automatically deleted 10 seconds after opening.


Twiq VIP

• Thanks to Twiq VIP you get the following additional features: Unlimited requests, online status and read receipts
• Your subscription will automatically renew for the same price and period until you cancel it in your Google account at least 24 hours before expiration.
• A subscription that has already begun cannot be cancelled for the current term but only for the next term.
• If you do not want to get Twiq VIP or if you cancel it, you can still use Twiq for free.


Website of Twiq: https://www.livantis.ch/twiq
Privacy policy: https://www.livantis.ch/twiq-privacy-policy
Terms of use: https://www.livantis.ch/twiq-terms-of-use
Website of the Livantis GmbH: https://www.livantis.ch

By using Twiq, you agree to the Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.

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