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Niharika 7

Niharika 7

The book is given for Hindi Niharika Class-7
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Niharika 7 Description

Through this chapter in this book an attempt has been made to inform the children about Hindi language and how the correct pronunciation of words is done. Hindi Niharika Book has been published in Primerose (Educational Publishers).
Speciality of this book :
The present book contains the key point of the curriculum proposed of NCERT, ICSE, CBSE and education Councils of different states.
Poetry, story, article, life, circle, scientific article etc. have been included in the book series. Seminar exercises, language skills and expressions in the presented book series are helpful in understanding the lesson for the student.
Through each chapter, the student learns something new. Perhaps the increasing popularity of any language demands a change in its ancient form.

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