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Mercado Pago

Mercado Pago

Pay and collect from the cell phone, safely and without touching cash or cards
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Mercado Pago Description

Now you have an app to pay and collect without touching bills or cards. With your Mercado Pago account, pay for services, recharge your cell phone, transfer money and collect safely.

Buy and pay what you want without touching tickets:
- Pay your bills and services: phone bills, electricity, water, gas, cable and more *
- Refill balance on your cell phone
- Send money to your friends or whoever you want without paying costs **
- Buy in your favorite stores, pay faster by scanning QR codes and access discounts at pharmacies, supermarkets, fuel, and much more *
- Buy digital services online: Cinépolis, Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation and much more (available only in Mexico).
- Load balance in your SUBE (available only in Argentina)

Also, with all your payments add Market Points and get discounts at your favorite stores. *

Charge as you like and sell without limits:
- Share your QR code or your payment link by WhatsApp, social networks, chats and charge your customers in a simple, fast and secure way. *
- Charge with your cell phone wherever you are using Point, the credit and debit card reader *

Increase the value of your money: generate returns with Mercado Pago safely and use your money always. *

More information at www.mercadopago.com

* Available only in Argentina and Mexico
** Not available in Colombia, Uruguay and Peru

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