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PicPay: Pagamento online, Transferência e Compra

PicPay: Pagamento online, Transferência e Compra

Pay for your purchases and install slips in the easiest way. Download now and use it now!
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PicPay: Pagamento online, Transferência e Compra Description

With PicPay all your payments are much simpler and faster through a single app. You can send and receive money, pay bills, establishments, recharge your cell phone, transport card, pay your credit card, transfer money, online games and much more. All of this straight from the cell phone.

Imagine a social network. Imagine? PicPay is a social network, only for payments, where people and establishments have their profiles in the app. To pay, just locate the profile you want to pay or transfer money, enter the amount and you're done. To receive, simply inform your PicPay to people. Do you see how making collection easier?

When someone sends you money, it will be in your PicPay and you can use it to send it to other users. If you prefer, you can transfer it directly to your bank account at no cost. Start sending and receiving money with just a few clicks!

Sending and receiving money is completely free for non-commercial transactions. For commercial use, that is, receiving for the sale of your products or services, a fee is charged on the amounts received. The fee amount is informed directly in the app, or on our website.

Find out all the services and facilities that PicPay brings you:

Receive and pay friends
Collecting what your friends owe you is much easier! With the PicPay digital wallet you can receive or transfer money (pay) to your friends. And the best, no fee! In a few clicks you pay or receive the amount in your PicPay account and you can still check your balance whenever you want.

Parcele Boleto
Do you need to pay your bills, including your credit card, but don't want to leave the house for that? So how about paying that bill or bill from wherever you are and still install up to 12x on your credit card? With PicPay you can, more!

In our PicPay Store you can recharge your cell phone, transport card, games and more! All this to make your life easier and the relationship with your money.

Leave the wallet at home
Now, paying the bill is much easier, just scan the QR code on Cielo's machine or our own QR Code in more than one million stores and that's it, it's paid!

Save Money
In addition to making a free transfer, recharge your cell phone and all the other benefits, with PicPay you can still save your money and make it profitable. In our digital wallet, your balance automatically yields 100% of CDI, much more than savings! What are you waiting for?

How does it work?

Download PicPay and create your account. When creating your account, define your PicPay profile. It will be your identity, through which people will locate you to send money.

If you want to pay someone, attach a credit card to your wallet, it will be used whenever you want to make a payment and there is no balance in your wallet. Another alternative is to make cash in via Boleto Bancário, transfer (TED or DOC) or using the Original Bank. But if you have made a charge and want to receive money from someone, just enter your PicPay username.

Did you receive a payment? If you want, you can request the transfer of the amount to your bank account or leave the money yielding to 100% of the CDI. You can still use this money to pay your ticket or recharge your transport card!

Download now to transfer money, recharge cell phone, install payment slips and much more. Start paying for everything with PicPay!

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