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Раз Два Пицца | Гомель

Раз Два Пицца | Гомель

Pizza delivery in Gomel We decided to enjoy the taste of juicy pizza with many ...
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Раз Два Пицца | Гомель Description

Pizza delivery in Gomel
We decided to enjoy the taste of juicy pizza with various fillings, the best sauces and a thin crust? Don't want to wait more than 45 minutes? Then place your order in the pizzeria "One Two Pizza" in Gomel! If we do not meet this deadline, we will deliver pizza for FREE!

Our pizza is the best choice for a business lunch, family dinner or party with friends. We are ready to deliver pizza to your home, office or even to nature! No limits! Our pizza delivery in Gomel is not only fast, but also covers the whole city!

Cooking pizza for every taste
If you are a foodie and think that you have not been surprised by anything for a long time, then we are ready to accept this challenge. Here you can order pizza in Gomel for every taste and any size (from smallest to largest - the perfect choice for a group of friends or a party).

We are offering to you:

classic Pepperoni - nothing more, just juicy sausages and Mozzarella;
fragrant signature Raz Two Pizza - the most delicious bacon in combination with fresh tomato juice and special sauce;
4 cheeses are the best choice for those who do not like to deny themselves pleasure;
Bavarian - hunting sausages are ideally combined with good German beer;
Hawaiian - slices of exotic pineapple perfectly complement ham and cheese.
We really have a large selection of pizza in Gomel, and so you can easily find the best option, we offer a full description on the site. Choose the ingredients to your liking, and we will offer them a FREE sauce. The diameter of the pizza is from 30 to 40 cm.

Benefits of Pizza Delivery with One Two Pizza
Having decided to order pizza in Gomel with us, you get:

The fastest delivery anywhere in the city. Exactly 45 minutes and not a second more!
Favorable prices. You will be pleasantly surprised by how affordable a real Italian pizza according to a traditional recipe can be.
Cooked by professional chefs. Our chef works real culinary wonders. Buy pizza in Gomel and see for yourself.
Convenience in ordering. Forgot your lunch at home? Tired after work and don’t want to cook? Before the arrival of guests less than an hour, but you have a table not set? "One Two Pizza" will help!
Cooking exclusively! Pizza goes to the oven only after accepting your order, so it is always hot and juicy, and the filling is exactly according to your desire.
Work day and night. The latest pizza delivery in Gomel is not a dream at all, orders are accepted until 01:55!
Hot delivery. Cold pizza is wrong. We deliver it in the freshest form and monitor the level of service.
Punctuality is our strong point. If you decide to order pizza at home in advance, then just specify the exact time, and we will deliver it on time.
These are not all the benefits of One Two Pizza. Even with us you can always count on a warm, friendly atmosphere, a polite address to customers and pleasant bonuses, so order safely.

Order pizza in Gomel
When making pizza delivery to your home or office, do not forget to add to the basket and drinks to it (besides, it’s much tastier).

We tried to make the process of placing an order as simple, understandable and fast as possible, so it will not take much time. So you can order pizza in just a few clicks, and our chefs will immediately get down to business. If you don’t know how pizza delivery is arranged, or if you have any difficulties, then contact our manager and he will certainly help. Good appetite!

Choose a product and order! Nothing is easier!
Order history. See what and when you ordered and order again!
No need to enter your address again and again, we will remember it during the first order!
Keep track of delivery promotions right in the app!
Track the status and time of the order!

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