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Сушилка | Гомель

Сушилка | Гомель

Sushi and roll delivery in Gomel To taste real sushi with fresh sea ...
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Sushi and roll delivery in Gomel
To taste real sushi with fresh sea fish and the most sophisticated fillings, it is not necessary to take a ticket to Japan. "DRYER" invites you to enjoy the delicious dishes of the Land of the Rising Sun, prepared according to traditional Japanese recipes and only with quality products.

Our sushi delivery in Gomel takes no more than 59 minutes, and if our courier is late, then you get one roll from the order absolutely FREE! "DRYER" is the place where you can always count on delicious oriental dishes. In addition, we prepare sushi and rolls according to the most popular and fashionable recipes, while not forgetting the true Japanese traditions.

Sushi and rolls for every taste
In our menu you will surely find any dish to your taste, and to make the choice simple, easy and quick, “DRYER” offers a detailed description with a list of ingredients. So you can order sushi in Gomel, taking into account all your preferences.

We value your trust, and therefore offer delivery anywhere in the city. For example, you can order sushi at home if you do not want to cook after an exhausting hard day, or treat yourself and your colleagues in the office during a business lunch. Is an incendiary party planned? Treat your guests with an original set of seafood, and they will surely be completely delighted!

Ordering sushi is easy! Make your request on our website and expect the courier to arrive. Our delivery is open until 2:00 a.m.!

The benefits of delivering sushi and rolls with "DRYER"
Why are our sushi and rolls so good? The fact is that we cook them with love. That is why our dishes are so liked even by the most sophisticated gourmets, who again and again order sushi in Gomel in the “DRYER”.

But how else do we differ from our competitors:

The best prices. Our sushi and rolls will cost you much cheaper than in a restaurant, and their quality does not differ one iota.
Convenient directory. Do not order a pig in a poke! Look at the colorful photos and choose exactly those sushi that you like.
Promotions and special offers. We give you the opportunity to save on order and get a nice compliment from the establishment.
Simple and quick payment. We accept cash through the courier at the time of delivery.
Order less than a minute! Our system is so debugged that ordering sushi at home and in the office takes just a couple of clicks.
In addition, you will not need to spend time and money on the road. Just state the address and time, and our courier will arrive exactly on the agreed date.

Order sushi rolls in Gomel
We offer you even greater savings on your order. If you pick up the order yourself, we will give you a discount of 20% of the order value! So even the elite branded sushi for a house in Gomel became affordable. Delivery takes less than an hour, and not a minute later! Punctuality and accuracy is the hallmark of DRYERS.

Still have questions? Not sure how to place an order? Do you want to clarify the delivery or choose some special dish? Call us and the manager will accept the order for sushi in Gomel, and will also answer all your questions.

Choose a product and order! Nothing is easier!
Order history. See what and when you ordered and order again!
No need to enter your address again and again, we will remember it during the first order!
Keep track of delivery promotions right in the app!
Track the status and time of the order!

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