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Суши Гурме

Суши Гурме

Chain of Japanese stores "Gourmet Sushi" - a successful young company, combining ...
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The network of Japanese stores "Sushi Gourmet" is a successful, young company that combines two main principles: the quality of the restaurant with the pricing policy of the store.
Each guest of the store will discover a hitherto unknown country of the rising sun, or rather taste the traditions and high quality, with love and warmth in every dish. For you, we have created a wide selection of dishes, such as rolls and sushi. For lovers of hot dishes, we have created a line of baked rolls and second courses. For friendly companies and family evenings - a wide variety of sets. And if you want to have a bite, then small rolls or salads are best for this occasion. And it’s always just freshly prepared sushi and rolls right from the “under the knife”.

You only need to place an order by phone or directly in the store, and after 15 minutes pick it up. If the weather is not happy, or just do not want to go outside, you can place an order for a house.

The courier will deliver pleasure within an hour.

Choose a product and order! Nothing is easier!
Order history. See what and when you ordered and order again!
No need to enter your address again and again, we will remember it during the first order!
Keep track of delivery promotions right in the app!
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