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Banzai | Семей

Banzai | Семей

Restaurant delivery BANZAI - happy to offer you a wide range of dishes. We have...
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BANZAI delivery restaurant - I am pleased to offer you a wide range of dishes.
Here you will find more than 40 types of real rolls, try delicious pizza and can appreciate the subtleties of Eastern cuisine.

Delivery working hours: from 10 am to 1 night; restaurant from 11 am to 00:30!
Free delivery in the center from 2000 TNG. To distant areas shipping is added!

Delivery service phone: + 7-707-271-2162, 636-000
Address: Pristanskaya 5

IMPORTANT: When deducting points from the Savings Card, 2000 tenge must remain payable, if the delivery is less, automatically 500 tenge !!!

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