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Сытый Самурай | Russia

Сытый Самурай | Russia

Food delivery is an excellent modern service that saves your time and ...
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Сытый Самурай | Russia Description

Food delivery is an excellent modern service that saves your time and helps not spend minutes, hours waiting in a cafe, restaurant or tedious cooking.
Well-fed Samurai, who has gained confidence, thanks to the variety of tastes of his cuisine and the quality of his dishes, has for many years been at the top of the list of the best Food Delivery services in several cities of Western Siberia.

In our menu you will find dishes to your taste, because we have a wide range of rolls, pizzas, etc.: more than 80 types of rolls, about 25 different pizzas, also a considerable selection of variations of Chinese noodles and other dishes. Food Delivery Saturated Samurai will help you evaluate their excellent taste in any place convenient for you.

Your whims are our fulfillment

Certified order cooks-dryers work on your order using professional equipment. Our chef is constantly working on improving and finalizing the menu, adding new original dishes.
Your order arrives in the kitchen immediately after agreement with you.
We will not make you wait long, your order will be delivered exactly at the agreed hour.
We conduct strict quality control of products and the production process, control operators and couriers. The weight and grammar, the components of each dish and each roll are strictly controlled.

Choose a product and order! Nothing is easier!
Order history. See what and when you ordered and order again!
No need to enter your address again and again, we will remember it during the first order!
Keep track of delivery promotions right in the app!
Track the status and time of the order!

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