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Nje aplikacion i dedikuar njerezve me aftesi te kufizuar.
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FolMeMua Description

An application dedicated to the people with limited capacity

The system helps the people with limited capacity do communicate with other people or the world envoirment using a smartphone.

In this case the system interact like a link between the person and the evoirment.

On this Alpha version there are implemented some base funcionality which are:

1) Temperature on the position where the user is.(Vocal Response in Native Language - Albanian)
2) The exact location of the user.(Vocal Response in Native Language - Albanian)
3) The battery level of the smartphone.(Vocal Response in Native Language - Albanian)
4) Automatic call in case of emergency.It is used a number stored on the application.
5) Electronic SOS with the combination of different info, like the exact location,identificative number of the user used in order to be
recognized by its own parent,or tutor.After the SOS was received with success , the system reply back with a vocal message in Albanian language.
6) Countermeasure in case of no-Internet connection.In case of Internet connection,the sos function in that case,send the sos using sms.
In sms we send these type of information.
a) Location
b) Identificative Id
c) Percentage of battery (Very important information,in case the battery is low,the emergency know it)

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