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REDBOX: Rent, Stream & Buy

REDBOX: Rent, Stream & Buy

The Redbox app has many features that make entertainment simple,...
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REDBOX: Rent, Stream & Buy Description

The Redbox app has many features that make entertainment simple, affordable, convenient and personal.
• Rent & pick up new release movies on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD starting at just $1.80 a night.
• Find a Box nearby to browse and rent movies.
• Buy used movies to own forever. Just choose a favorite, select “Buy at the Box” and pick it up at a Box near you.
• Stream Free Live TV! Start watching popular channels like TMZ, USA Today, Unsolved Mysteries and more. It’s always on – and you don’t even need to sign in first.
• The newest Movies & TV Shows are also available for you to stream – just add them to your On Demand Library to watch instantly in the app.
• Want to watch on the go? You can also download your On Demand Movies & TV Shows to watch anytime, anywhere – even offline.
• Sign up for Redbox Perks to earn free rentals, get special deals just for you, and enjoy perks like a b-day gift and additional promos.
• Add upcoming movies to your Wish List – and we’ll notify you when they’re ready to rent & pick up.

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