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Princess Cute Kitten

Princess Cute Kitten

Enjoy time with your pet kitten! Take care of your...
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Princess Cute Kitten Description

Enjoy time with your pet kitten! Take care of your kitten, feed it, and play with it. your cats will play with you .To better care for kitten, you need to do the following......

Build your own Kingdom, There are many things to explore, and there are countless stories to be told and to take risks. Open the game, gorgeous and warm castle opened the door to you, cute kittens are lined up in a neat queue, waiting for your care and companionship 。you can dress up the princess,building a castle.

The main features:
● 7 fun mini-games
● Guess the kitten in the treasure chest
● Clean the kitten's room
● Make cakes for kitten
● Dress up princess
● Shoot balloons with kitten
● Get gold coins to create your own kingdom by playing various mini-games
● kitten swimming competition

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