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Cow farm milk factory farming dairy farm games

Cow farm milk factory farming dairy farm games

Play the first ever 3D dairy milk factory game.
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Cow farm milk factory farming dairy farm games Screenshots

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Cow farm milk factory farming dairy farm games Description

Welcome milk man!! You are invited to milk factory games. Come and join us in the milk factory production which makes low fat milk of purest quality. As you know that healthy living is the basic necessity. Be the member of milk factory game and enjoy the fun of milk factory farm. All you have to do is get milk from the fresh dairy farms. Enjoy all the milk production factory process in this milk factory games with levels. Last job will be after warm milk production game, deliver fresh low fat milk to the different milk markets. Enjoy your duties as a milk factory worker as well as handle big machines like an expert of milk production factory.

Might have played milk factory games as well as milk delivery games. Enjoy the blend of it in this milk making simulator. Playing milk farming games has always been fun, enjoy the driving milk tanker, pickup truck, fork lifter in same milk delivery games. Be the member of milk factory farm boiling and milk farming. All the processes are defined for your ease in this milk factory games. Milk production goes through different milk games processes, pass all the levels by doing the particular milking game tasks. Experience easy and smooth controls of the vehicles playing milk factory farm games. The first level of warm milk production game is to collect the raw milk from dairy milk farms. Were cow milking game is done then bring raw milk back to big milk production factory. Unload the milk at factory storage containers and let the boiling and cooling down process start in this milk factory farm games. Operate factory machinery efficiently in milk games make evaporated milk ready to pack in low fat milk bottles.

Next step is filling of milk in the low fat milk bottles and cream which came as a byproduct into the cream jars. Milk maker game is to put caps & stickers on the low fat milk bottles. This game is not like cow milking farm games. Pack milk bottles in the packing of 6 bottles cartons. Once done with packing use fork lifter to pick and place cartons in milk delivery vehicles. Now be on your way to transport fresh farm milk to markets. Done a great milk production job experiencing milk factory games. You are producing the finest dairy milk cow in milk industry. Keep doing the good job in milk making simulator. You will love playing our milk factory games as it’s the best dairy farm games on play store so have fun.

Cow Farm Milk Factory Farming Dairy Farm Games Features:

10 amazing milk factory games levels.
Realistic dairy farm and milk factory environment.
Multiple vehicles to drive milk farming game.
Amazing 3D Graphics & cow farm Environment
Amazing cow dairy farm experience

Download this cow farm milk factory farming dairy farm game and be the best in dairy farming and production games. Do give us your feedback

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