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Turn your wrist smartwatch into an Omnitrix! Need help? Check app details.
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Omnitrix Description

👽 This application gives you the opportunity to experience the world of Aliens using your smartwatch. Open the Omnitrix and become your favorite Hero!

📵 In order for the application to be installed on your smartwatch, you have to use the same Google Account on both: Google Play, where you purchase the application and on the smartwatch. Here is an installation guide:

😁 You don't know the Omnitrix so well? Here is a helpful guide:

⌚️ General information:

✔️ You can select the Hero either by turning the physical wheel of your watch, or by tapping on the screen on the left or right side.
✔️ The white screen means that you are turned into an Alien. To return to your human form, tap the Omnitrix screen.
✔️ When the Omnitrix is discharged, having a red screen, it will also show you the current time. Touch the time display at the bottom of the screen to hide or re-display it.
✔️ Initially, the Omnitrix will allow you to use only the first 10 Heroes.

⏱ Cooldowns:

✔️ When the Omnitrix is discharged with a red screen, you have to wait 5 minutes before you can turn into a Hero again.
✔️ After you have turned into a Hero, the Omnitrix will discharge in 1 minute and you will return to your human form.
❗️ These waiting times will be lifted if you unlock the Master Control function in Omnitrix.

🔐 Master Control:

✔️ The activation of this function is accomplished in the main screen of the app (the one before opening the Hero selection).
✔️ When Master Control is activated, you will have no cooldowns, no waiting times and you will have access to 20 Heroes.
✔️ To activate it, you will need to either perform a clockwise / counterclockwise sequence of rotations, OR a sequence of taps on the left / right side of the screen. See the Omnitrix sequences below.

♻️ Rotation / Touch sequences:

✔️ Activating sequence: Left-Right-Left-Right-Left-Right-Left
✔️ Deactivating sequence: Left-Left-Left-Right-Right-Right-Left
❗️ "Left" means you have to turn your watch wheel to the left, or touch the screen on the left side. You have to do the opposite for "Right".

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