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Photo Lock & Vault, Hide Video - Privacy Space

Photo Lock & Vault, Hide Video - Privacy Space

?Calculator vault to hide pics & video. App lock to protect your privacy
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Photo Lock & Vault, Hide Video - Privacy Space Description

Privacy Space is a private app with Photo Vault to hide your pics, videos to protect your privacy.

Also Privacy Space provides AppLock feature, lock up apps to ensure your security and keep your privacy safe. Security app protect your video, photo, chat & privacy.

========= Core Features =========

? Calculator Vault
* Disguise on home screen as a calculator, avoid people know you install Privacy Space as gallery lock
* Privacy Space can transfer pictures and videos from Gallery to a photo vault with read/write external storage permission. You don’t have to worry about others seeing your private photos and videos with Calculator Vault

?App Lock
* App lock for all apps, lock up sensitive apps with password lock/fingerprint lock. Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy with lock pattern

?Privacy Brower
* Privacy Space also enables private browsing. You can search and view any videos or photos in a private browser

========= Highlights =========

* Privacy Lock: photo vault hide pictures and videos
* Icon Disguise: disguise on home screen as a calculator lock
* Files Folders: Sort files or folder, better organize hidden photos and videos in gallery vault lock
* App Lock: lock up apps to protect privacy
* Fingerprint Unlock: supported on specific devices that has the fingerprint sensor
* Intruder Selfie: snap anyone who try to break into your privacy

========= FAQ =========

☞Forgot Password? → click on the forget passcode button on the right corner of the applock screen and reset your passcode by Email validation

☞Open The Hidden Privacy Space? → Visit this url “privacyspace.show” in your browser to open Privacy Space

☞Where can I find my hidden photos/videos → If you have Privacy Space installed, you can find them in the vault. If you have Privacy Space uninstalled, please reinstall our app, unhide all the photos/videos, then you’ll find them in your gallery.

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