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Deleted messages recovery : Notification history

Deleted messages recovery : Notification history

View and Recover deleted messages using notification history log
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Deleted messages recovery : Notification history Description

Deleted messages recovery app is here. Now you won't loose any of your important text messages or chat after installing this app [note: there are some limitations]. You will be able to recover deleted messages and notification history log.

☀️Curious ? How the deleted messages recovery app actually works ?
It saves incoming notifications or messages which you receive inside your phone to an internal database. ( Point to remember : it saves your data to your phone only and do not keep data online. So, don't worry.) If you uninstall your chatting apps, your might delete your message. That's where this delete msg recovery app comes to play.

? Questions and answers regarding this app which you might ask before installing this app.
? How can you use this app to view Deleted messages and other notifications or messages which were accidentally
With some limitations this app saves your notification history log and show you when you want to see it that's simple.
Just open this app and allow necessary permissions. Don't worry for the background issue, delete msg recovery app will keep working in background if your phone not does not shut it down.

? Does it have settings to enable or disable my permissions ?
Yes, you can enable or disable your permission from setting page.
What if I don't want for this app to save my history?
Open setting and disable the notification permission. It will not save any notification history.
Note that it only save notification history log when you have allowed required permissions for this app.
Whats about my notifications or messages data?
Don't worry, data will be saved in your phone.

- This app won't work if you or your phone closes it's background services.
- If you don't allow notification access permission for this app. The deleted messages recovery functionality won't work. But, you can use it's extra feature like images and video status saver, video viewer etc.
- If you turned your notification off, it won't be able to get and save them.

Then whats the best way to recover deleted messages?
Since this app needs to run in in background in order to save notification and recover deleted messages. You should remove this app from any battery saver or battery optimisations for better functionality.

We always focus to provide users the best we can do. We keep the app size much smaller and give extra function.
Hence, in addition to deleted messages recovery we also added status saver functionality. Here you will be able to view deleted messages as well as saved all statuses from status folders inside your phone.

Don't know about this function yet?
Since most of the users in the world use social media. So they have status folders in their phone. By using this method you can get all your statuses at one place.
Hope you enjoy this app. Keep this app updated for the new features.

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