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حلها واحتلها

حلها واحتلها

New game competitions then occupied the castle by answering questions and test your knowledge
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حلها واحتلها Description

We present to you the game of information and culture and interesting competitions solved and occupied by the game of competitions unique and new and fun design
Solved and occupied is a new game distinct from the rest of the games competitions and give more enthusiasm and fun for fans of thinking games and intelligence games It is a fun game of intelligence games and similar to the game millionaire or game million to some extent
If you love puzzle games and questions such as knowledge sword or crossword or password, this game will definitely impress you and you will live with it the most beautiful moments of enthusiasm and adventure because it is suitable for all family
In the game solved and occupied will answer the questions of the competition that appear to you in order to win the trip you have to answer all questions correctly so as not to lose the battles there
If you have difficulty, don't worry, we have added several new and unique help tools that will help you answer
Recall them delete two answers
Take the opinion of the wise to ask the question to the sage of the village
And take the opinion of your soldiers in the battle and a lot of other things that you will discover for yourself in the game solved and occupied by the game of new battles and thinking

اللعبة Game Features

★ Beautifully designed interface with HD graphics
★ Scientific questions cultural and religious historical variety
★ Means help
★ Delete two answers means
★ Tribe question
★ Armistice to fix the balance in the game
★ Register your points and store them on your account in the game ?
★ Compare your points with players around the world ?

Try the new information game to solve it, occupy it, challenge yourself and occupy villages

Your opinion concerns us do not forget the evaluation of the game

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